About pages often feel entirely too pompous. A whole page about all of my wonderful and amazing accomplishments, and just how cool I am? No thanks, though I did get 2nd place in the school Spelling Bee in 6th grade, or maybe 4th, I actually don't remember. Regardless, I'm not going to give you my resume here, and I've never been the cool kid. This is just a simple blog about my fairly simple, albeit sometimes crazy, life.

I'm a painter. I use pastels, and want to branch out into acrylics. I've always loved art, but only started painting for real a few years ago after I stumbled upon an amazing art teacher and started taking classes. I love painting flowers and have recently taken to clouds. I've got an idea for a cool stained glass series that has been kicking around in my head for a long time.

I'm a writer. I've got a couple of crappy, unfinished novels, several short stories, a few bad articles for the local women's magazine, and stacks of whiney journals dating back to 8th grade. I should probably burn those at some point.

I'm a reader. I love books of all kinds. My day job, at least pre-Beastie, was as a high school Literacy teacher, so reading was definitely required. I love Paulo Coehlo, John Steinbeck, Michael Chabon, Isabel Allende, Rachael Herron and Tawna Fenske. I read everything from kids books to YA, fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Non-Fiction, really anything not nailed down. 

I'm a knitter. I've been knitting since I was eight. I love the methodical, meditative qualities of knitting. I love making socks for myself and the hubs, and now that the baby Beast is around, she's getting a lot of adorable sweaters. I have way too big a stash and a huge weakness for pretty sock yarn. I also know how to crochet, spin, and tat lace, but those are much more in theory than practice at the moment.

I'm a mama. Stay at home mama to the cutest little baby Beastie there is, though I'm probably biased. She is a micropreemie, born at 27 weeks (though the docs later decided they thought she was only 25 weeks), and a pound and a half due to severe pre-eclampsia, and we spent 4 months in the NICU at University Hospital in Aurora, CO. That was a long, crazy journey which I am still processing. Beastie also had a cleft lip, and while we're through her first surgery, there are plenty more obstacles to come. She drives me mildly insane, but I love her dearly and wouldn't trade that sweet smile for the world. 

I'm a little bit of everything, all rolled into one. (1000 '90s bonus points if you sang that) We do a lot of DIY home renovations, gardening, cooking, travel, and plenty of sitting on the couch watching terrible TV. So, pull up some couch and hang out with me for a while. If you got the previous song reference, we're probably going to get along just fine.